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Relief packages for those affected by the Syrian earthquake

The earthquakes that hit Turkey, Syria had a major effect on the region.  Currently, 46,000+ people have died , and many are  homeless. Syrians are coming to Lebanon as refugees because of the earthquake, and our team is responding to this influx by offering food, children’s blankets, medicine, and more.
      Shining Hope International and partners on the ground in Syria and Lebanon  are working to protect children, helping them cope with the trauma, and restoring a sense of normalcy. In addition, we work with every child and family to bring the hope of Jesus Christ.

     Please consider donating for relief packages for people affected by the earthquake:

FOOD PACKAGE: $40, contains nutritional items (rice, flour, oil, milk powder) and can give a family basic food at a critical time

FAMILY ESSENTIALS KIT: $140, provides basic needs for a family with hygiene products, blankets, clothing

SHELTER: $400, includes items to keep a family warm and secure, along with tents to use as temporary shelter

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