Reaching the Druze People

Your partnership in seeing lost souls come to Jesus Christ will make an eternal difference. The need is great and the opportunity is priceless. Will you join us? Thank you for making the difference!

Who Are the Druze People?

The Druze are a unique ethnic group that have been living in the Middle East for a thousand years and are considered an unreached people group by The Joshua Project. Druze communities can be found globally but especially in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan. There are an estimated 1.5 million Druze in the world, and they are in a great need of the Gospel. (Read more about the Druze.)

Does the Truth Matter?

The Druze hold Jesus in high regard. They consider Him a central figure, the awaited messiah, and a manifestation of God like their founder Hamza Bin-Ali. Like Muslims, they believe the Bible was inspired by God; however, both religions believe their founders and their scriptures supersede the truth of the Bible. They are in desperate need to know the Light and the Savior of the world, and the only one that brings HIOPE and forgiveness to mankind. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” John 1:5.

What Is God Doing?

Tony and Souzan are deeply burdened to reach the Druze with the Gospel. In Lebanon, the Druze live mainly in the mountains. “We are visiting many Druze villages, and we witness a hunger and thirst to know the truth. As a result, many are responding to Christ, and four Bible studies have been established in four villages. However, there are still hundreds of villages with no Christian witness, and they need to hear the Gospel before it is too late.”

How Can I Help?

Consider partnering with us. Your gift of $40 a month will give a Druze family a package of food, medicines, blankets for the winter, and a copy of the New Testament along with The Jesus Film. Our team knocks on doors and shares the good news with the precious Druze people. Many are responding!

Eman was shunned from her community due to consecutive three deaths in her family. We came with a gift of bread, Jesus film and the New Testament. She welcomed us with tears and showed us her son’s picture. He died in his early thirties. We shared with her the story of Job. She read it and the end of the story she said “God sent you my way to dry my tears and repair my broken heart. Thank you”.

Since then Eman has been transformed into a daughter of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

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