Native of the Middle East • Bachelor’s (Theology) • Master’s (Ministry) from Virginia Baptist College • Founded Arabic Bible Baptist Church • Current Pastor New Life Arabic Ministry



Bachelor in Psychology • Master in Nursing Administration • Co-Founded Shining Hope International (previously Christ for the Crescent World) • Leads active Women’s Ministry



Through Jesus Christ, God made His grace known to us when we were young, and from His love and mercy we felt compelled to the ministry in the USA and the Middle East. We believe that Jesus came to earth willingly, lived here, was crucified, and rose on the third day. We follow the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16–20) and proclaim the Good News to all people.


In 2003, Pastor Tony Ghareeb founded Shining Hope International, formerly Christ for the Crescent World. Through pastoring Arabic New Life Church, Pastor Tony conducted several outreach programs to share the Good News with different ethnic groups in the greater DC area and beyond. Local churches participated in evangelical outreach and provided a dedicated team of prayers warriors. As a result, thousands were reached with the clear message of the love of God. Thanks to the blessings of God, many lives were transformed and two churches were planted.  

In 2012, the ministry was recognized by the IRS as nonprofit (501 C3) and established a Board of Directors from lay leaders in the community and pastors of local churches. As Pastor Tony shared his vision to reach the lost for Jesus Christ, Shining Hope International established partnerships  with local churches in the DC metro area. 

In 2015, Pastor Tony and Souzan visited the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon. The brutal Syrian civil war resulted in one of the biggest refugee crises in our time, and the couple’s hearts were were broken over the many Syrian refugee children wandering in the streets without shoes. God opened an amazing ministry opportunity for the Ghareebs to share the love of God through care ministry and establishing a school near the border of Syria and Lebanon.

Starting a School in Lebanon

The school created educational opportunities for hundreds of refugee children who were roaming the camps and streets, aimless and destitute. Through its care ministry, the Lord opened an opportunity to visit the student’s parents in tents and homes. The ministry met immediate needs (education for the children as well as food and medicine for the families) and ultimately shared the hope of Christ.  
As the children’s lives were transformed daily, parents questioned the positive changes they were seeing. Parents could see that it was is because of the care and the teaching that their children were receiving daily at  school.  The school began with 35 students and now has grown to 375 students.  It provides free education up to the 5th grade and free transportation.

Spreading the Good News to the Middle East

The Lord has allowed the ministry to reach to Syrian Kurds, Arab refugees, and neighboring communities. Their hearts were open, their lives changed, and a church plant was born.  

Due to the rapid growth, the ministry needed co-laborers aligned with its vision to help bring hope. Recruitment started in the USA and Lebanon. A wonderful team was created that included couples from the USA, one couple from Lebanon,  two couples who were new converts in Lebanon, and seven teachers. Sunday evening service, Home Bible Study groups, and discipleship programs are ongoing. Shining Hope International has been  blessed to be able able to purchase two pieces of lands — a school that would hold up to one thousand students and a training / conference center. Our goal is to eliminate illiteracy, so every person can read God’s Word for him/herself. 

God’s grace allowed all this to happen, as Shining Hope International continues to share the hope that is in Jesus Christ.