Transformation through empowered and inspired believers sharing their faith.


Our mission is simple — to obey the great commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:16–20) and to teach and disciple the unreached. Shining Hope international is nonprofit Christian organization that brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to disciple, mobilize, educate, inspire, and transform unreached groups in the Middle East.


Proclaim • Equip • Establish • Send

  • We want to PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST through compassionate ministries (both spiritual and physical), ongoing visitation, personal discipleship, and Christian education.
  • Through Bible studies and Biblical training courses, we endeavor to EQUIP MATURING SAINTS  in the work and message of the Gospel to bring about “the obedience of faith” (Romans 1:5 • Ephesians 4:12),  including
    • Volunteers
    • New believers, empowered to freely their share faith within their circle of influence
    • Believing women, children, and youth
    • Leaders as well as the new-in-Christ
  •  ESTABLISH LOCAL CHURCHES with mature leaders and elders for a new generation and a SCHOOL to train children to be productive citizens of the community. By investing in small groups of all ages and partnering with local government and churches, we will become a part of the community and contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom.
  • We strive to SEND LEADERS WITHIN THE LOCAL CHURCH as God raises and calls them  to share their faith with others, caring for physical needs as well as spiritual (Proverbs 27:23).