Strategy & Guiding Values

Strategy —

To develop and disseminate Christian values based on relationship-driven programs to believers in Lebanon and Syrian refugees and the rest of the Middle East.

Guiding Values —

Jesus Always

  • Live a life that honors God.
  • Bathe life with prayer and the word of God.
  • Let the LORD lead and share the gospel with all people.


  • We are committed to wise stewardship as lives are transformed in the Middle East by the grace of God.
  • Every penny donated is a sacred trust — we operate with total transparency and the highest standard of accountability.
  • We are independently audited with external accreditation to help to assure our donors and others we use funds to the honor of God (II Corinthians 8:21).

People First

  • All people are created in His image and is loved by God.
  • People come before any structure, systems, ministries, or money.

Dignity & Respect

  • All people are treated with dignity and respect regardless of ethnic background, literacy level, or socio-economic level.
  • The people that we serve, our staff, donors, boards and volunteers. We celebrate the uniqueness of every person, culture, and contribution.


  • Our aim is to demonstrate Jesus eyes that were filled with compassion to others and met each person unique needs differently.
  • Together we are on a mission to share the peace of God, through reconciliation, and heal the broken hearted in a lost world.


  • We, as a Christian mission organization, seek partnership with like minded people.
  • We look for partnership that transcends structural, legal, and cultural boundaries.
  • We accept obligations of joint participation, mutual accountability, shared goals that a true partnership requires.
  • We affirm our independence and our understanding that, at times, we may need to yield autonomy for the good of the people  we serve.
  • We are partners with donors who have the same vision of helping poor, uneducated people.
  • We are willing to hear other perspectives and consider honest opinions about our work.


  • We take the extra step in faith when a crisis happens in the Middle East (such as the port explosion in Beirut in 2020).
  • We respond when economic crises and social deprivation take place, such as in Lebanon, Syria, and  other Middle East countries.
  • We maintain a commitment to help the helpless and share the Good News.
  • As we see unusual opportunities to serve people, we encourage the spirit of creativity and flexibility.
  • We believe in self-reflection as an organization, which keeps us learning about our own organization as well as people and donors.


  • Our aim to replicate the work we do in Lebanon in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, training people and commissioning them to expand the kingdom of Jesus (Ephesians 6:7).
  • Many of our new converts have expressed the desire to go back to their hometown and start a church, which we know pleases God and makes us so excited.