Bringing hope where there is no hope.
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$47 / Month Brings Education and Hope to a Child

We often ask, “How much does genuine care cost?” Tragedies and crisis continue to overwhelm the Middle East, especially after the earthquakes that hit the region. As you read our web page and newsletter, you will see that there are many children struggling to find a place to call home. Many Syrian refugees are orphans and live with extended family members.  When you  look into their eyes, you can see sadness. They have so many needs — hunger, brokenness, hopelessness.

     Shining Hope International comes in and offers them free education with transportation to and from their tents to school. The parents are so glad, and the children love to learn and grow. We work to provide hope while meeting physical needs to help children face the future, knowing they aren’t alone. This hope gives them the ability to endure when tomorrow is uncertain.

     When we started in 2015, we taught about 25 children within the refugee camps. In Fall 2022, a total of 700 children registered for the school year, but we could only take 350. Those children not only learn to read and write but also learn about Jesus. We provide uniforms, books, pencils, and composition papers while offering two meals per week. The children feel safe and cared for:

“My parents registered me in a different school, but I insisted that I want to come to this school because I know I am loved and feel safe.” — M [name hidden for privacy]

    For $47 per month, you can bring this kind of hope to a child. Your support is 100% tax deductible and will make a huge difference to “one of the least of these”.