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Hope Academy April 2023

Happy Easter and greetings from Lebanon in Jesus name!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We want to share with you how well the school is doing. Children love to come to school to learn about Jesus, where they also study English and many other subjects. We average 300+ children per day, but with the weather is improving, some of the children have to work to help support their families.

The Word of God is a light!

An 11-year-old girl (we will call “H”) has been attending the school for three years. She attends school and works in the field when the weather is good. Daily wages are $1 a day. One day while she was working, H found a gold ring and kept it in her pocket. Three days later, a person asked if anyone had found a ring. H gave the ring back to its owner, and when the owner asked why she didn’t keep the ring, she replied, “I can’t. Jesus is in my heart. I would be lying, and lying has consequences. I learned all this at the school in Anjar [Hope Academy in Anjar, Lebanon].”

Jesus is transforming lives!

In the first week of our arrival in Lebanon, we met a young boy named Mo. We heard from others that Mo struggled with hitting other children because of some anger issues. We sat down with Mo and listened to him. He started crying:

“I get angry and hit others when I think of my dad. My dad died a couple months ago. My mom told me that I am the man of the house, and I have two sisters, one older and one younger. I don’t know what to do.”

We hugged Mo and shared the Good News with him. There is the best friend he can have who is with him all the time who is always willing to listen — His name is Jesus. “I want Jesus to be my friend,” cried Mo. He accepted the Lord and promised to behave. Since then, Mo is a changed boy! He is calm, studies hard, and gets along well with others.

We covet your prayers!

Please pray for us as we continue our journey in Lebanon.

Truly, the field is ready for harvest. Would you join us to continue to make eternal difference?